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Small blue & white spice dish, Kangxi c.1700, for the Dutch market
Tile, Kangxi c.1690-1700, for the Persian market
Dollís House five piece miniature garniture from the Ca Mau Cargo, c.1725
Plate, Kangxi c.1720, with the arms of Pitt, Baron Londonderry
Plate, Yongzheng c.1726, with the arms of Tobin of Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
La Dame au Parasol: enamelled plate, Qianlong c.1736-40
Coffee cup & saucer, Yongzheng c.1735, with the arms of Belsches of Tofts
Cream jug, Yongzheng c.1730, with a basket of flowers
Cream jug, Yongzheng c.1730, with alternating famille rose diapered panels
Cream jug, Yongzheng c.1735, with the arms of Belsches of Tofts
Large teabowl, Yongzheng c.1730, with figure representing ’Charity’
Lobed stand, Yongzheng c.1730, with the arms of Scott of Harden
Small, deep oval condiment container, Yongzheng c.1730, for the Dutch market
Soup plate, Yongzheng c.1735, with the arms†of Chapman
Teabowl & saucer, Yongzheng c.1735, with the arms of Belsches of Tofts
Three very small teabowls, Yongzheng c.1730, with íLange Lijzení
Beaker & saucer, Qianlong c.1745, with the arms†of Cunningham
Dish, early Qianlong c.1738-40, with the arms of Banks
Plate, early Qianlong c.1740, arms of Lennard with Chadwick in pretence
Plate, Qianlong c.1745, with the Dutch arms of Van Reverhorst
Soup plate, Qianlong c.1740,†with the arms of Freame with Osgood in pretence
Teabowl & saucer, Qianlong c.1750, with the arms†of Burrell
Teabowls & saucers, Qianlong c.1740-50, with the arms of Calverley
Guglet, c.1750, with the arms of Emmett with Dare and St George in pretence
Plate, Qianlong c.1750, with the arms of Murray of Touchadam and Polmaise
Plate, Qianlong c.1750, with the arms of Parker of Bradkirk Hall
Soup plate, Qianlong c.1755, with the arms of Taswell
Tea canister & cover, Qianlong c.1755, with the arms of Emerson
Cream jug, Qianlong c.1760, for the Dutch market with arms of Udemans
Graduated set of serving dishes, c.1765-70, for John Kent at the Bell Inn, Maidstone
Plate, Qianlong c.1762, arms of Dawkins impaling Colyear
Rectangular octagonal dish, Qianlong c.1760 with the arms of Tyndall
Tankard, Qianlong c.1760, with the quarterly arms of Nassau, Earl of Rochford
Sauce tureen & stand, c.1775, arms of Prescott impaling Long
Punch bowl, Qianlong c.1775, with the arms of Elder
Coffee cup & saucer, Qianlong c.1785, made for Sir Joshua Reynolds
Japanese armorial dish, c.1781-89, with Spanish arms
Teapot stand, Qianlong c.1780, with the arms of Browne of Brenchley
Trencher salt with blue & white riverscape scene, Qianlong c.1785
American market custard cup, Jiaqing c.1800, for Commodore Richard Dale
Coffee cup & saucer, Jiaqing c.1800, with the arms of Clifford
Coffee cup, Qianlong c.1790, for the Dutch Market
Coffee cup, Qianlong c.1790, with the arms of Rushout impaling Bowles
Rectangular dish, c.1780-1800, with the Dutch Folly Fort at Canton
Small deep 6 inch plate, c.1790-1800, with a view of the City of Canton
Small rectangular dish, c.1780-1800, with a view of the City of Canton
Lobed teapot stand, Qianlong c.1785, with Willow Pattern design in underglaze blue

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