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Plate, early Qianlong c.1740, arms of Lennard with Chadwick in pretence
Salt, Qianlong c.1750, arms of Weyland impaling Sheldon
Saucer, Qianlong c.1755, with Chinese scene and a European cypher
Coffee cup & saucer, Qianlong c.1775, with the arms of Troutbeck showing a mistake
Rectangular octagonal dish, Qianlong c.1760 with the arms of Tyndall
Tankard, Qianlong c.1765, with the arms of Hockin of Cornwall
Graduated set of serving dishes, c.1765-70, for John Kent at the Bell Inn, Maidstone
Teabowl, Qianlong c.1790, with the arms of Gordon of Lochinvar
Teabowl, Qianlong c.1790-95, arms of Blackburn impaling Turner
Plate, Qianlong c.1795, with the arms of Hamilton impaling Boyd

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