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Circular salt, Yongzheng c.1725, with a lady and jumping boy
Set of teabowls & saucers, Yongzheng c.1735, with petal shaped panels
Teabowl & saucer, Yongzheng c.1735, with carp and initials AF
Coffee cup, Qianlong c.1740, mythological scene
Coffee cup, Qianlong c.1750, European merchants in Meissen style
Cream jug, Qianlong c.1750, European man with his dog
Teapot stand, Qianlong c.1750, with harbour scene in Meissen style
Coffee cup Qianlong c.1750, decorated with The Judgement of Paris
Coffee cup, Qianlong c.1750, decorated in the Meissen style
Coffee cup, Qianlong c.1760, elaborate gold cypher T.E.
Coffee cup, Qianlong c.1760, gold cypher T.S.
Coffee cup, Qianlong c.1785, with a fête gallante French scene
Spoon tray, Qianlong c.1760, with gold initials JMW within a roundel
Teabowl & saucer, Qianlong c.1775, with a European couple
Plate, Qianlong c.1795, possibly for a Dutch marriage
Trencher salt, Qianlong c.1785, with a lakeside pavilion scene
Conical flaring bowl, c.1640, in the centre a plump rabbit
Hexagonal salt, Kangxi c.1700, of flaring form, decorated with antiquities
Plate dated 1763, for a Dutch marriage with cypher and two angels
Tile, Kangxi c.1690-1700, for the Persian market

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