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Cream jug, Qianlong c.1780, with the arms of Graham impaling Gostling

Cream jug c.1775-80, with the arms of Graham impaling Gos(t)ling from a hitherto unrecorded service and the only piece to date known.

Undoubtedly made for a sister, or very close relative, of George Gostling II (1745-1820) of Whitton Park, Twickenham, who ordered a service in almost identical style with the arms of Gostling impaling those of his wife, Lydia Newcome (see fourth image of a similar cream jug from his own service for comparison). This service is recorded in Chinese Armorial Porcelain, Volume I, p.623 under GOSLING but this spelling is now known to be incorrect.

George Gostling was the eldest of five sons of George Gostling of Whitton (1714-82), Proctor to the Admiralty, who married Ann Green. A magnificent and unique scenic armorial bowl, dated 1777, was made with their arms, with a full panorama round the outside of Whitton Park at Twickenham, the footrim inscribed A View of Whitton House and Gothick Tower in the Garden of George Gostling Esq. This is illustrated in Chinese Armorial Porcelain, Volume II, p.170. The house was particularly noted for its library of 20,000 books while the grounds were immortalised in a poem of 1731 by Alexander Pope.

In addition to the above, there are three further services with the arms of Gosling / Gostling / Gosselin and while the marriage for this cream jug has not yet been identified, it seems likely that most of them are connected. A William Gosselin was a director of the East India Company 1714-43 while Captain Francis Gostlin was in command of the Prince Augustus in Canton in 1727 and 1730.

Reference : To be illustrated in a third volume of Chinese Armorial Porcelain

Condition : Perfect

Size : 4 inches tall

Stock Number : 43936

Price : 880

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