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Heirloom & Howard specialise in Chinese armorial porcelain and also in decorative heraldic objects.
All the coats of arms are identified where possible to reveal their history and provenance.
We keep a register for those who would like their family interests recorded.

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If you are a person of imagination, and content to leave our material world and weave romance in the back parlour, buy yourself a cabinet and fill it with pieces of old armorial porcelain
. . . and the china will turn novelist.

It is none of your Worcester porcelain or Lowestoft ware, but a breath straight from the land where the sun rises, rich and bold and delicate. A world of ballad and of lost hopes is in it; ideals of the West intermingled with the glamour of the East; in one delicate piece the tale of an English peer
and a Chinese mandarin. The sun never sets over this porcelain.
(W.F.G. Evening Standard, 1924)

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